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"Dedicated to making an impact in my community and creating a better tomorrow."

Q&A with Mercedes Molloy

Q: What made you create SafeSquad?

A: It was the result of my own experiences. For a while I was very angry and I didn’t know how to properly address or channel what I was going through. I knew I had the power to change my narrative and be empowered to help others. It has been a healing process to potentially prevent something from happening. And I can’t change what happened to me, but if I can have a chance to make sure another women does not have to say “Me Too” I think for me is the reason I started it all.

Q: What were some fears you had going into this journey?

A: I would have to say my biggest fear.. Well I have already encounter naysayers, people doubting saying I am incapable. But I come to learn that not everyone will like you, or what you represent and you just have to pursue it fully anyway despite what ever anyone says. For me this also served as additional motivation.

Q: Have you encountered any set backs?

A: I think being a first generation college student and the fact I don’t come from a wealthy family. I have utilized my college funds and financing everything myself to do this. It’s definitely been a hardship but for me it is more reason why I need to do this. despite the sacrifices along the way it’s happening.

Q: What gave you the confidence to pursue in this field?

A: Being able to know that others are out there. it wasn’t much about myself but knowing I can use my story to help others. being told I should speak up, it has given me the push to share my story publicly.

Q: What advice would you like to give for others?

A: Be true to yourself and what your passion is. If you have a passion pursue it fully. most importantly research! properly prepare. Be able to establish your brand, right now social media is a powerful tool as well. So make your mark and don’t forget to lift up the other women around you. And lastly, live life to the fullest.


Mercedes Molloy, Founder of Safe Squad App

Mercedes Molloy is a survivor, activist and founder of Safe Squad, an app committed to providing peace of mind for young women and men across the globe.  Championing for access to health care, representation in media, Molloy is looking forward to utilizing her platform to advocate for generation z as well as disenfranchised communities. 

After a traumatic life event, Molloy has made it a personal mission to be a voice and provide a solution to alert mechanisms while in danger. It is her goal that the app will be a resource of armor among generation z, millennials and individuals desiring peace of mind for dear family and friends. The young activist engages in conversations to bring about positive change from a place of service and progressing culture.  


Safe Squad is a SOS messaging app that is available on all devices and will serve as a hub of information for family and friends. In the event of danger, users are able to alert family and friends on location. In the event of danger, the app will notify authorities and emergency contact. Available for download HERE

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